Bespokiet Exquisite Jewellery Range
8th May, 2015 Jewelry Designers

They are Exquisite, Glamorous , Luxurious , Elegant ,Stylish and Most of all they make you feel a Million Pounds but without the hefty price tag.View the Jewellery Pieces and the inspiration on how to wear them.

The Bespokiet Exquisite 2015 Jewellery range is an infusion of GEMSTONE,PEARL , CRYSTALS ,SWAROVSKI and HAND WOVEN CHAINMAILLE CHAINS

The prices on the Website are for Gold Brass Chains, but they also available in 14ct rolled gold , 9ct gold and sterling silver . Please contact us for more details.

United Kingdom
  • They are Exquisite, Glamorous , Luxurious , Elegant ,Stylish .

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