6th November, 2015 Writers

Its all complicated now!!!

How will I tell her that she is the one?

How will I let her know that i wanna make her the mother of my kids?

We are friends no doubt

But I love her

My close pal warned me never to be on a friend zone with a woman i love.

That she will never accept my love proposal.

But like her saying " what is for you, would always belong to you"

What am i gonna do?

Can someone advice me???

My head is spinning round... I cannot think straight.

If I tell her... She's gonna think am taking advantage of her singleness

If I tell her she might take me for an opportunist.

Tonight I lingered over her name,

the delicate assembly of vowels

a voice inside my head.

Telling me to go ahead...

And Here I am,lost as a child

God!! I'm confused...

Will i get her??...

All vocals silent... 

Wind stood still...

Moon shone dull...

Birds stop chirping...

All waiting for what I do next...

Can someone get thru to me???

Can someone call my number,i need an advice???

Can I get a whisper from anyone??...

I hope I don't get oblivious to her...

I need help

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Sometime we fall in love and we don't know how to express ourselves

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