Fluid Evil
8th November, 2015 Writers

I feel lost, cast to sea amidst the storm of my careless imaginations.

The darkness pulsates and takes shape,  funneling my fears into the crevices of my heart.

Pictures of the demons I wrestle float behind my minds eye, teasing me into a loathsome coma.

In my dreams, they haunt me.

Pressing hard against my cement wall of courage cracking at the edges.

In flesh they please me. Tracing ice warm fingers across my beady face, seducing me into the burning fires of lust.

I fear I'm doomed, forever lost to this sea of fluid evil.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • When you are lost to lust and it feels like your mind's hell bent on leading you to destruction. The inevitability of ceding to lust becomes too real to deny.

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