Towards a better mentality adoptable in Nigeria
10th November, 2015 Writers

Even when it is evident that Malaria in Africa Region alone account for 85% cases and 90% of the dead worldwide. HIV/AIDS career in Taraba State alone amounts to about 110,000 of its population(NEPWHAN) a population that surpasses Vatican City, Tuvalu amongst many other countries being put together. As if that is not enough, at the proportion of western countries being developed with zero case of malaria victim unless the carrier just trooped in from an African State, African continent has been characterized with menace that could take divine intervention to escape from. This analysis draws me to Nigerian political scenario, the reason for this as a focus encompasses the fact that whatsoever development or menace in a society is always the overall outcome of the decisions or policies from government as machinery saddled with the responsibility of engineering the society. At a time where the Majority of the Nigerian population believed that the Saviour has arrived (President Muhammadu Buhari) things politically still continue to be bedeviled with the strong inner caucuses who see power as more important than a family. The reason why Nigerians should not expect change is because the concept of change itself advocates for a different identity, but this personalities(Politicians) controlling the affairs of this nation still carries the Nigerian blood which means things could only get better but not change.

The whole political brouhaha being manifested by who should take over the leadership of National Assembly is the least we should expect in the course of this administration because while Nigerian youths take time on social media, some forces still take their time to work out on how they are going to control the affairs of this country mostly for the worse out of greediness. To make this write-up so precise and short, one of the major way to make this country a better place is by advocating for meritocracy in our political offices rather than mediocrity. Many times being conversant with people’s comments and news that goes round on dallies, blogs, forum amongst others. One thing that is so central in people’s comment is religious and ethnic bigotry where you see someone having stolen much from the nation’s treasury still supported by people from his region which makes culture of impunity being celebrated and defended if not by people from the politician’s region it could be from those who benefitted from his corrupt practices. A country like America wouldn’t have someone like Obama as president if mediocrity is the order of the day, even when racism is still pervasive in that part of the world they still don’t joke with meritocracy, if a black man is good for the job so be it unlike in this part of the world where a sociologist fills the position of an accountant in an organization. My argument is not that western countries doesn’t have their own flaws as regards this, but the rate is alarming in this part of the world. Irrespective of the region you come from among the six geo-political zones in Nigeria the best man for the job suppose to fill the space. In a situation where a man that cannot manage his family is giving the role of leadership more traumas tends to emanate than filling the space with a dexterous man who is fit for the job. If this could be related to our political offices with vote and deliberation some technocrats who have been tested and trusted could be considered for appointments than those who have failed with the previous ones appointed to them. It took meritorious Lee Kuan Yew to change the face of Singapore, Jose Mujica to calm Uruguayan political system with frugality, Mandela to imbibe a strong political culture in South Africa, Nigeria also need meritorious politicians to change the face of this nation and it begins with the citizens because the society will always taste for bad leaders but it is the duty of the citizens to reject it. 

Lagos, Nigeria
  • A precise piece to fine-tune an average man mentality towards our political culture.

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