11th November, 2015 Writers
Will you shut up!!!
Gbam!!! Was what I heard right on my face
How many times have I told you never to talk to me like that???
Shameless bitch....
My else swollen... My lips dripping of blood.
I was too weak..
Too weak to even raise my voice at him or return his slap.
As I lay down on the cold tiles.. Unmovable.
The oxygen carrier seized.
The horns and honks from the busy road could not be heard.
Everywhere seems to be like a graveyard.
I thought of the first love... 
The attraction.. The touch of love.. The affection...
Where are they now???
Am I so unlucky???
Love was what we thought we had.
Nooooooooo. It was only an emotional obscession.
I can't just say a word I get two blows for it.
I can't comment on his dressing, I get a hiss and insult for it.
This was the man that profess love on that rainy day in september.
I thought I have found my prince charming.
But oh... He is a wolf in royal regalia.
I feel dizzy from the punch.
My stomach aches. My fingers twitch.
I need someone to save me.
Divorce is not the next option.
Yes Yes Yes.
Something striked a cord in my heart.
I went on my feeble knees.
And I mutter words of prayers to my Creator.
Lord help me understand his love language.
And I heard a voice whisper to my hearing.
Give honour to him no matter what,,, Give him words of affirmation when he is sad,,, Understand his nature and adjust,,, Love him immesurable,,,Never belittle your man,,, Never cause him to feel embarrased,,, Never laugh at his mistakes,,, Never put anyone before him,,,Never let him feel replaceable,,, Never play down your need for him,,, Never make a slave out of your man. 
And above all be a praying woman!!!
Lagos, Nigeria
  • Relationship don't just work out, It takes God and His wisdom to perfect it

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