11th November, 2015 Writers

O! My beloved friend,

Just yesterday we are at the free zone,

Drinking,merrying and dancing together,

With our differences aside,

With no discrimination,

Made each others day,

Here we are today, 

My friend ,you are my enemy,

With gun on our faces,

It's a matter of who shoot first,

How did we get here?

Our leaders are at it again,

With the Tom and jerry fight for supremacy,

What choice do we have?,

We are just pawns,

In this chess game,

Join or be branded a traitor,

With my folks on the line,

Can't risk their life for mine,

It's better to die in a friendly hand,

My beloved friend,

I pray thee live through Thy cruel  season

Osun, Nigeria
  • Hope all power struggle, will stop. By our leaders and stop using the youth as pawns in political struggle.

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