Between Life Death and Appreciation
12th November, 2015 Writers


So soothing comes the morning brew

When I realize it’s a new dawn

For new possibilities and hopes

In a very challenging economy

Where perfidy is the order of the day

No work No pay…that’s if there is even job

Still hope of Forums to keep the day busy

Life O’ life

Why so unfair to a larger percentage

Where fraud is celebrated than hardwork

Giving hopes with what exists not

Then again I give it a second thought

That its worthwhile being here

Hope sauntered around me

Cause its appreciated here

Could propel for new possibilities

Because there is still breathe in me

Then again appreciation comes above death

Death O’ death

Why so cruel

Abode far deeper than human surface

Hopes destroyer

And family invalidation

No ambition to pursue

And no degree of greatness

No one to greet good morning

And no iota of sweetdream whisper

Nothing like age to live by

And no intimidation of any kind

That’s if you would appreciate that

To myself I give it a third thought

That I love being here

Being alive

Even when am not there yet

Am not where I use to be

Even when I don’t have all the beautiful things

I could atleast see all the beautiful things

When the “Big Life” is not here yet

I could atleast fantasize while I work towards it

Grace sufficient

Cause my connection with “Most High” intact

I am Black

And I understand the hustling spirit

I might not be the richest yet

But am not dead

To all who wanna lose hope

Opportunity is here in disguise

Keep your hope high while alive

Cause you already great in the making.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • The more reason we should appreciate being here.....

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