A SUBJECT to my imagination
12th November, 2015 Writers

' Am subject,

to one without a face.

' Am sublect,

to one without a name.

That I found,of my many travels with it.

But it first introduced itself 

as my imagination 

' Am subject,

to a king,whom no crown can fit

 for its lack of a head but then could crown a subject loyal to its whims.

' Am subject.

to a journeyer,a voyager.

One without clear directions.

Exploring every and any only too quickly that I struggle to keep up.

' Am subject,

I alone: 

to one who kings without a known kingdom.

' Am subject,

to one who is wild with no possibility to tame.

Yet keeping me on a leash only so close.

' Am subject,

to one who rules but sits me on its throne.

' Am subject,

To one who caresses my senses,

Evoking great stimulation.

Seducing me to a surrender of unwordable feelings.


'Am subject,

to one who teases and taunts,

Taking me through such heights of ecstasy

then letting me drop.

'Am subject,

to one who tosses far

and I play the game of fetch

just like the one often kept on leash.

'Am subject,

to one who see me a freebeing

Yet I shackle myself ever so firmly to its trail,

Blazing laser red as it may be.

'Am subject,

To one so slick;

I morsel down to the last fingernail whatever it feeds.

'Am subject,

To one so vast,I have become insatiable.

Abuja, Nigeria
  • The world in our head is surreal yet powerful enough to invoke and envoke all stimuli associated with the real world. It is originally titled SUBJECT.

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