13th November, 2015 Writers

You see a lady goose,

You didn’t spare the word,

Yet you keep illicit relationship,

with your secretary,

You deceive no one but yourself,

You purely speaking Indecency

You are captain on critics,

You engage in online demonstration,

Criticising government of corruption,

Yet you keep dividing the offering money,

To upkeep yourself,

You are captain of Indecency

You share Greek gifts,

In name of an helper,

People see you as messiah,

Yet you shatter lots of dreams,

You are partner of Indecency

You are a philanthropist

The new samaritaan,

To the whole world,

Yet your kins lives hang on a thread,

They breathe poverty,

You kindly living Indecency

You are the door to people happiness,

You hold the knob,

Without the right kola,

Or back laid down,

You won’t open,

My friend you get Indecency for a soul

You waste a life,

Burn down with tyre and petrol,

For stealing bread for breakfast,

Yet you continuously hail and praise,

Politrickster  who launder billions to their pockets,

Am sorry you are the soul of indecency.

Osun, Nigeria
  • All those. Who condemn others to enact in evil private act in secrecy. Change ur evil ways before its too late.

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