Rhea's oleku squad on streetfashion9ja
15th November, 2015 Fashion Designers & Stylists

Street fashion is considered to emerge not from studios but from the grassroot. It is a gigantic avenue for the display and exhibition of latent fashion trends,styles and designs worn bye individuals or group of Individuals on the streets .it sustains multiple, simultaneous and highly diverse fashion movement tagged. "Runway on the street ". The aim is to socially update non-cyber cultured individuals on the new world of fashion " (@streetfashion9ja)

This took place in futa showcasing 5 designers, lots of talented models and photographers. Rhea creations Was the last of the 5 designers and our designs were privileged to be showcased.

The "oleku" theme of Rhea creations designs was inspired by my new friend and very good photographer ,Olusiji of Imagenperfecta photography.

 These awesome people  made this shoot a masterpiece.





Ondo, Nigeria
  • bringing the runway to the streets of 9ja

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