Eclipse and the Runway
5th June, 2015 Writers

The silent/subconscious fear of being irrelevant and broke, that leads to an equally subconscious desire for fame and material wealth, is very dangerous especially when scripture is subtly twisted to accommodate this fear. To give the impression we are children of God though we seek the approval of men and riches of this world. We claim "God doesn't want us to be broke" with our eyes fixed on our present comfort rather than the discomfort of another, whose basic needs have been put after our "wants wants” have been met.

The visual war exhibited in our lives, between the physical manifestation of our wants/approval from men and the revelation of scripture knowing whose glory we are meant to be reflecting. We claim Christian but the only Christ people see are Dior and Louboutin. Red bottom, red bottom, certainly danger awaits at the bottom. However, our shades interfere with the reality of the view.

We are just like the moon, useless without the sun. Literally, useless without the Son. Every glow people see has nothing to do with us but everything to do with Him. They should see it, we don’t tell them. Singing "I dey shine, i dey shine, shine, shine.” Clearly trapped in the illusion that gold, silver, leather and ankara are what show his presence in your life. Until the devil is given permission and we experience a total eclipse of the moon. Our empty selves revealed as His glory radiates on the perimeter. Until we yield to him and His glory once again is revealed through us.

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