16th November, 2015 Writers

Where in time, 

where in history, 

where on the globe, 

have girls, women not been downtrodden, not been overlooked?  

We have had to fight, 

for every inch of freedom, emancipation, rights. 

We even have to fight 

not just for ourselves but also for those from whose ribs we were formed out of, 

when they come in the form of our husbands, sons, fathers.  When we fight; 

for we do not choose to fight but are put in the fighting pit to earn every feet of space, respect and dignity; 

we fight to win, to survive, to breathe.  

Gone are the days, 

days when we knew we were strong just by the battles we fight and win for our offspring. No! 

I am strong, 

for the battles I fight for myself, the fight for my right to be educated, 

the battle for my right to be gainfully employed in whatever field I choose-single or married, mother or not; 

not to be dismissed because of my gender but to be chosen for my qualification; 

the war to be seen as a thinking person in my own right not as a shadow to be hidden; 

the right to think and speak whether wise or otherwise. 

I am woman. 

I am strong. 

But its not enough to be strong for myself, 

for how will I test my strength? I was created to help others; 

no one has ever been called strong who hoarded her strength. 

We are where we are because of other strong women. 

As I make myself strong, 

I must help others do the same, for I may be strong on my own, but we are stronger together. Together we are strong girls.

Alexandra Akinyele-Fadeyi  

14-05-2015. 15:10pm

  • Strong girl, strong world!!!

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