Love Me Only
18th November, 2015 Writers

Let's name him gorgeous and I plain. I met him about a week ago at the Maami market. I just had a fight with Michael and I was hurting and lonely. I needed a friend badly and wanted laughter. 

    What led to our conversation, I don't know. I can't remember and I don't want to. I just found myself walking towards the hostel laughing like I have no care in the world. We connected, that connection has not been felt in a long while. After an hour of idle chat, we reluctantly bade ourselves good night. It was bad, I couldn't remember his name. 

I knew he was dark. Had the most mesmerizing eyes and an infectious laugh. 

For the first time in a little while, I went to bed light hearted. The next morning I battled wearing makeup or not to impress my nameless little friend. But on a second note, I changed my mind and decided to go with a naked face. I felt disappointment down my gut as I used my eyes to scan around for him but I didn't see him. I sighed and felt he was imaginary, maybe I didn't meet him after all. I accepted fate and went to prepare for morning lectures. I felt the collywobles and tried to quickly hide my smile of excitement and delight when I saw him later that evening at a cafeteria having dinner. He remembered my name but I couldn't his. He teased me and told me I'll buy him dinner. 'I'll get u the moon if that's what u want' I said in my head. 

The next day after d morning lectures, as I held my slippers exhibition in my hand, I walked towards account section to get my bicycle allowance so that I can take my friend out to dinner as I promised. And I bumped into him again. Aaaahhhh! Mother fate, you were so gracious to me. This time the collywobles doubled after he flashed his signature smile and called my name. Within minutes we were chatting like we've known eachother since forever. He asked me to dinner and though it was at Maami market, I felt I was being wooed. Soon we fell into the routine. Wake up, meet at the parade ground, go for breakfast, sit together during lectures and 

chatter all the way. Separate at lunch, move on for our sleep, meet up in the evenings to chat and gossip. We fast became close friends, with the same taste in food, clothes, music and even girls and boys. 

 I knew he was popular. But he kept hanging out with me and damning those other girls. I could finally see why they found him attractive.i began ignoring Mena and hanging out with him more. I was no longer looking for Michael and I was living the best life. Soon all that was in my head was his lean muscles and how it would feel if I layed in his arms, how it would feel if he hugged me. I began flirting with him. Soon I began seeing signs that he really likes me. He was a gentle man to the core, never making an attempt to kiss or move out of his space and I desperately wished he would. We laughed so hard that people began thinking we looked alike. Soon the dreaded day arrived. 

    I collected my posting letter and saw a village. Far...but I had hopes. If I was posted to the jungle and Gorgeous was following me, it would be our haven. I consoled myself and waited for him to get his and he did. We were posted in different directions. Really far from eachother. I cried, not because I don't wanna teach but because he'll leave. He'll soon forget about me. It's just a matter of time, however I got my wish. I got to stay in his arms and feel his sturdiness. I felt his heartbeat as I cried and it made me cry harder. I wanted him to be mine and mine alone. But he wasn't, he was leaving and so was I. 

     It's been two days now and it's feeling like 2years. Am going to see him. I'll do whatever it takes, even though he can't remain mine, he would be my friend. Should I tell him how I feel or not?

Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
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