20th November, 2015 Writers
Sometimes We are glad, sometimes We are sad, sometimes We don't get the reward for our works , that's just how life works,

The ones We see as nice and good, die, and We cannot understand why, Life is a big mystery no lie,

but I believe we have so much power yet live in oblivion, We tend to forget that  over things in the world GOD has given Us dominion,

Now check this, You Know; we can control the number of humans we want to bring into the world to a huge extent, this power is actually one we can extend, only if We choose to, so also we can decide to be successful too,

There's so much power in Us that We force things we don't need to force, for instance No one is born a driver, we learn how to drive, it's a known fact that When we decide to, at anything we do We would thrive,

We are not born with the knowledge of our professions, no one is born a professor,

Now all I am saying is; We wait on GOD for things He's given Us Power to do, the free will thing goes beyond Us choosing between bad and good, There are things You can do Yourself well, just like no one teaches You where to put food,

Choose today to believe and see How much You would achieve...

GOD Bless You

Abuja, Nigeria
  • I hope something in it inspires You positively...

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