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really can’t remember when and how we met but i have known her all my life. I knew her name, likes, dislikes, age, where she lived and all of the other things i wanted to know about her. She was the least important person to me, i never spoke to her because i always doubted whatever it was she had to say. That cold night when my story began, that night when my tears threatened to choke life out of me and darkness took the light out of eyes, she was there. I reached out to everything around me but they were all out of grip. I was stuck in a timeless horror of unending struggle for strength to overcome this darkness that my soul desperately clinched too. I got tired of the whispers at the back of my mind, the sting in my eyes and the failure of my tongue to explain how i felt, so I told myself it was time to end it. I picked my ragged self up and headed for the rooftop.
Tonight’s darkness was different, it came with calm forces that gently whispered violent words. I had sorrow so soft and captivating it shook me to my already dead roots. The calm of the night reassured me of my decision, the wind comforted me in my terrified state and I could clearly hear what the night was saying, so i jumped.
She brought my free fall to an abrupt end, what was she doing? I hopelessly held on to her, this wasn’t right, i didn’t want to be saved or did i? A new darkness was slowly and steadily cast upon us, it was a different kind of darkness. I have never known darkness so soft and welcoming, I longed for it to take up my entity and i closes my eyes as i enjoyed the warmth it brought along with it. The darkness was the shadow of her wings. As we soared higher, my eyes met the town’s church bells and even though i was there earlier today, it still felt like i had never been there. For the first time i saw beauty in all that surrounded me and i never wanted to leave here for any reason. I saw how different we all are and the beauty that came with difference, i understood that i was different for a reason. I hated that i was too consumed asking questions rather than getting answers. My feet touched surface again and i stood there motionless with my eyes closed replaying the experience in my head, i knew her claws were off my back but i still felt them tightly clenched to my skin and i knew that i would always have that feeling, i opened my eyes to thank her and as i looked into her eyes, i met myself for the first time.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • My darkness is a flash fiction project which is currently approved on Etisalat's prize for literature. Please visit this link to vote

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