Hello Ex
25th November, 2015 Writers

hello Ex, I miss You and I miss Us, but We agreed that We shouldn't force;

I gave time a chance but I still miss How We danced,

I wrote texts but didn't send, I looked Like I'd moved on but t'was just to trend;

Right now where I'm at reminds Me of who had My heart, did I do My part? the answer to that tears Me apart,

I miss a lot, even when we fought,damn! Your smiles in the mornings, the kisses on Your lips, I should have heeded love's warnings, but now love weeps, 

I thought one day You would have My baby, cos You were My no.1 lady, thought You would have My ring, but right now I just reminisce as I listen to Adele sing,

I wanted to say sorry but My pride said Hell No! Hello! Hello! it's Me Ayo..

Abuja, Nigeria
  • Inspired by Adele's Hello...

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