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27th November, 2015 Writers
In the beginning was the word.
All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
The world became unfavourable for His creations because peccancy had brought evil to existence.
Death,pain,struggle,poverty,crisis had been the order of the day.
The owner of the word was looking for a qualified character to do the saving.
But who will go???
The word stood up and said "I will go".
There was silence everywhere.. The streets of gold was buttoned up.
A beautiful creation out of bewilderment asked "master you can't go, who will be in charge of us".
The word says He who owns me has sent me it is a task I must fulfil.
"Hold on" anyone conceived is automatically born into sin and cursed. This job can't be complete if my birth is not distinct.
Arrangement started in a jiffy. We need a maiden.
They searched and searched and they found one living in a humble house.
The word was delivered to her. He became life and dwelt in her.
The word was born and he grew in His word, walked in his word, taught in his word, acted in his word and perfected his word just for the world to be relieved from the curse that was placed in the world by the owner of the word when man whom he loved fell because the prince of the world deceived them.
The word became a curse for the sake of mankind.
The word was made poor for the sake of humanity.
Absence of the word brings voids and voids leads to death. 
In anticipation for christmas let us understand the fact that
Christmas is not all about the chicken,rice,beef and the outings.
Its all about celebrating the victory on that cross. Christ had done a perfect job. Let's lean on him and stop negating his work on the cross.
Lagos, Nigeria
  • The perfect work was done at the cross

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