Diary 43
28th November, 2015 Writers

Diary 43:

Dear diary, I may not have understood since, but I have come to realise that of all those times i say things and people expect me apologize, though I may feel bad for saying the things I said, they are what I mean to say, so even if I want to apologise, I just can't; cause it took me a lot of effort to finally say it. The problem is that, I tried to make it sound less hurtful, yet it came out as it did. Well I'm sorry diary, I have to say what I have to say the only chance I think have got to say it.


Rivers, Nigeria
  • My diary is on facebook, I decided to post a page here on #54artistry. The Image is Rihanna, displaying the bushmen act. This is an image that exudes confidence and identity, comming out of yourself.

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