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28th November, 2015 Writers

If I fail to ask for your number, then I see no reason why I should forgive myself was the first utterance that came out of my mouth

Looking at this beautiful lady looking so dashing, romantic with her dimple so catchy she 

Replied saying why should I give out my number when I don’t even know you...the kind of response that could make someone regret ever going out that day. Though i wasn’t expecting her to give out so easily I said to myself, but still with hope I waited maybe she could change her mind before alighting from the bus…still hoping for goodnews she received a call where she was telling a friend so I guess that the “shisha” she took at the club a day before almost ended her life with the guy she went home with. ‘yepa’ was the sound in my mind when I begin to have a second thought thinking about the lady I was hoping for thinking she could be my Mrs Right, no one could have believed with her decent and calm look that she  could involve in such act…to myself I say again that Tolani looks so beautiful and intelligent at the same, Tolani changed my perspective from the general believe that most beautiful ladies are not always intelligent, a lady who is extremely beautiful, intelligent and smart on the go.

As if that was not enough, still battling on recovering from her previous conversation, another call came through…oh Chidi how far, shey u no say you fucked up the last time wey you dey give me 5k for over working my body for more than 2 hours…I just take am cos I get test for school d following day…still with her conversation with the guy I guess the guy pleaded and they both compromised. Conductor Bariga dey!...she told the conductor and I acted as if I was having a business chat on phone that worth 50million naira just to keep away. Still reminiscing on my ordeal , my believe just like never judge a book by the cover…women just like men needs more than the first meeting  and look to judge, it goes beyond I couldnt control myself when I first saw her/him, you need time and prayer to get it right with the right partner, why? Because the journey of I don’t care always end with had I known. If it’s  too brief  to conclude then it doesn’t worth the value we cherish, it takes time, prayer, communication, and connection…have seen beautiful ones that doesn’t worth it and have seen some beautiful ones that has it all…I don’t have comparison for ugly because no one is ugly….the  worst thing after hell fire is bad marriage…so why not keep it worthwhile.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • My few minutes ordeal with a romantic beautiful lady.

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