30th November, 2015 Writers

So I lay on my bed
Reminiscing on all the good moments
The sweet thoughts of how I wanted to have this forever.
But Now,
I realised, it was all full of lies
And I couldn’t fathom it
Because it was coming from the least person I expected
I didn’t Realise the lies were compiling
Because I thought you were real.
I mean,
I felt we shared real things and I
Trusted you so much, I believed in the promises.
Everyone saw the liar that you were
Well, I was busy loving you to ever
Give your words any doubt
I was overwhelm with the positive shades
Of our future, that I didn’t realize
I wasn’t in your picture
 I am here lying on my bed.
Seeking refuge in my thoughts
Summoning courage to live beyond whatever we shared.
I want to move on
With hope that I will never be lied to anymore.
But then,
It occurred to me that,
I shouldn’t expect to be treated different
Because I think I am a good person
I live life, trust still and pray for a discerning spirit

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Hurts from trust.

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