30th November, 2015 Writers

‎My screams reach the heavens, my fists reach the underworld.
I'm rage incarnate. Rage owns my soul, I'm black within.
Death is not even black enough to see my rage for its darkness,
Incandescent black rage swallows my soul, I am no more.

I've danced with death,
In a fiery tango;
And left nothing but ashes
In my wake.

As I trek the earth, my footsteps leave ruins
All water is perished, all life gone.
Only the souls and ghosts of the dead
Roams the earth that is home no more.

Crazy laughter will echo
In the empty spaces inside my soul.
As my dreams fade to almost nothing,
But a residual scar left in forgotten memories.

The reaper is coming 
Cloaked in fifty shades of fear
And twenty shades of horror
His bony fingers would stop my guilt.

Sheriff Oshin

Lagos, Nigeria
  • A poem about the aftermath of anger and rage.

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