Imperfect perfections
2nd December, 2015 Writers

We all have dreams 

That doesn't come 

Close to reality 

Talents that are yet 

To be discovered 

The ones that we 

N'ver believed we could do

That person we would 

Give anything just to see again

That one thing we wish 

We could pretend

It never happened 

That one friend 

That became a family 

We ve' all been there

Loved,broken hearted


being lied to,cried

Taken for granted

But those things 

Are the reason

That makes us grow 

We are all human

Too much of a human

To understand 

That perfection is

Beyond human's 


Lagos, Nigeria
  • Just because you are happy doesn't mean your life is perfect,but you only choose to see beyond its imperfections ....We all want perfections but we re not perfect

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