what my eyes have seen
4th December, 2015 Artists


I'm dying, all this while my experience has been the avenue

Sky scrapping obstacles and tear logged streets with no means to drain

Continuous horns of babel through the window panes of pain

I'm searching, but all this while I've found only the things that are gone

Have I been searching for something too big to notice or too small to hold?

Or for something too precious on a land where all that glitters isn't gold?

I'm broke, and my wallet longs for financial restoration

The desperation would drive me crazy to a point where I must till

No matter how deep till I reach the roots of all evil

I'm broken, shattered beyond the sparks of a million fireworks

She left me for dead but death rejected me for I was worse than that

So I walked depressed lands like a zombie with loneliness tattooed across my heart

I'm confused, why has every decision I've made seem so wrong

They hate me for the choice I make not caring to know the options I had at all

Oh! What wisdom must I acquire to evade most of life's swinging wrecking ball?

I'm bleeding, it's not red but like a tear it's crystal clear

To see depression with a gun to my head having sex with anger in my temple

Frustration with a syringe to my veins and tiredness with a shackle round my ankle

I'm dying, my spirit floats away leaving my body as a residue

In my final thoughts, with my last strength and the last few breathes I took

Not giving up, not giving in, I stumbled across a black book

What my eyes have seen, my other senses may not be able to cope

Nevertheless, while there's life there's hope

And when there's a will there's a way

This is the story of the life span of the tears I've shed away

………..Written and composed by Isimi Taiwo………

  • what my eyes have seen. A visual and poetic story of the life span of a tear drop.

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