The Head Set 3D Drawing
16th January, 2016 Artists

This one is never too far away from us (speaking from an artists point of view) It is a driving force or motivation (through its use) for many of us while we create (Art) Most of us will agree with that creating art in a quiet or graveyard silent environment can be really boring.
#MUSIC fills that void, it just keeps you going. Lets call that (Music) a spirit that literally takes over the soul. It pushes you to do more. With this piece, iPortray the headphone as #MUSIC
I personally find it a bit hard to work without MUSIC playing in my ears whenever I create .
Some will disagree with this as they may find it completely hard or impossible to create while they listen to music. #WeAreNotAllTheSame I believe.
Pls do enjoy this piece, i'am still working on it plus Iam decided to go 3D with it.
MEDIUM: charcoal and staedtler Mars lumograph pencils on Alabaster board A3 paper.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • done with graphite and charcoal pencils on alabaster board paper.

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