Penman Inspiration
7th December, 2015 Writers

So I took up going to the beach,
As if the air from the sea could hollow out
The weight that's settled in my heart
To inflate and awaken my penman inspiration
So I can wheeze again.

I made drinking vodka a hobby,
Gulp down three kicks to the throat.
When the demons tilt their heads
I gave them something to drown in
In exchange, they gave me something to blab about.

They gave me the power to see life,
The power to seek out the darker vices in life,
Then complain about them profoundly.
Thinking then writing them down on a sheet,
And having nothing to worry about at all.

They gave me the power to think about more things,
And then force them into cages.
Cages forged with a hammer-like pen
And a half dozen misplaced punctuation marks.
Can I call this power poetry?‎

Lagos, Nigeria
  • This is a poem about a poet with writer's block who went through all he had to get back his true self. Read, enjoy and comment.

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