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At every point in life, we must learn to be grateful and content with all we have and are.

You wake up in the morning and start your routine for the day, you pray a little(or a lot) then you head into your bathroom, brush, bath, dress up get something small to eat, then drive out to work, while in traffic(na lagos u de, traffic na ur routine too) you see mad rides like a range or Mercedes and say one day you'll get there, you're finally at work, you do your thing till lunch time, go out to get lunch at any "mama put" or eatery (as ur wallet or preference carry you) get back to work then close for the day. Its a friday, so TGIF with the boys, having fun, meeting beautiful ladies, clubbing, blowing your hard earned cash as you see fit. Then its back home to sleep, you make sure not to wake ur parents and get into your big comfy bed. Great day.

Lets talk about another persons life now.

You wake up exhausted, like the sleep didn't do anything for you, you're careful to move slowly as your wife and two kids are in bed with you, you quickly rush to the shared bathroom but see a queue there already and have no choice but to wait, making you late for work, getting back to your house which is a basic "face-me-i-face-you" and your family of 4 shares an entire small room, u quickly put on your clothes and rush off to work, you struggle to get into a bus. While in traffic(as usual) you see several cars and wish how u could just afford a basic car, but then you think of all the bills weighing u down like school fees, feeding allowance, taking care of your parents in the village and other bills that just pop up from no where, but you still have hope that your God will do it for you somehow(then you sneak in a little prayer). You're at work now and your boss is shouting at you for being late, you apologise and get to doing your thing, no lunch time because your workload is too much. Its quiting time, you close very late, around 9, its a friday, so u know you can sleep well and not wake up to early for work the next day(yep, some of us work 6 days a week and have nothing to show for it) its late, so no traffic and you get into your house trying to make as little noise as possible, so you don't wake the family. You're finally on your bed now, stuck in 1 position so you don't make it uncomfortable for the other people on the bed. 

Another Normal day... 

...Your daughter wakes up, turns, hugs you and says "we missed you daddy" ... 

...A beautiful way to end the day.

Being content and grateful for what you have isn't mediocrity, we all want to be better, we all want to be rich and successful, but people always get it wrong and think being rich and successful are the same. If being rich is your goal in life, i pray you make it, but if you don't would you now see yourself as a failure?

But if being successful is your goal in life, money wouldn't be a yard stick to measure that, if you can make those around you happy by just being you. Then you my friend are a success story.

Work your hardest,
Have a positive mindset,
Be content and grateful, because your room and salary is what a family of 5 is sharing.
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