11th December, 2015 Writers

I am not alone 

I see that every time 

I stare into your bare soul 

The truth beneath my tears 

When my worries are 

Perfectly hidden in my smile 

You always see

my insecurities...flaws

And negligences are

Obvious to you alone 

Even when i'm broken

Into a thousand pieces 

You see me in a thousands

And more......

Nobody would be able 

To see all of me 

Cos you already did 

Before anyone else 

So I let out what 

I want them to see 

My tears aren't the same 

Cos you made it seem

Just like a trance 

And each time I feel 

Like giving up.....

You act like you are

Our minds melted 

Like a volatile candle 

And that's why we

Are so connected

To each other

And  when am gone 

You would be empty

Just like myself 

My one and only 

True friend 

You corrects me 

Even when I am

Obviously looking wrong 

But my eyes are too

Obsessed to see 

The truth about everything 

You are my perfect shadow

Mirror  .................

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Mirror is the reflection of your soul

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