You being You
18th December, 2015 Writers

Look in the mirror your reflection reflects
But nothing but the imperfections your visions detect
My nose too big, my eyes too small, you critically inspect
Honestly you’d give anything for a surgeon to dissect
And change what’s already been made
And rearrange what God already put in it’s place
Aren’t you afraid ?!
Or you’re more scared about what people gonna say
Truth is to their opinions you’re nothing but a slave
And a slaves got chains but you spend your fortune on that
The tattoos and the piercings remind me of slave branding
You can ask your granny if she’s not dead
Or google Martin Luther, Malcolm X, and the freedom wars they all led
Like the biblical Moses I just want my people free
But they too shallow, drowning in the superficial like the red sea
And Pharaoh and his Chariots symbolize our inner demons
Our greatest fears
Our tendencies to be the ignoramus
So you got a botox, nose job, breast pumps
Your hair’s probably Brazilian
And you probably light skinned
Cos your skin got some bleaching in
And you feel on top of the world with the shoes your feet be fitted in
But the fact is, all that really matters is what lies within
What the eyes cant see
Or the hands cant touch
Cos that’s what remains when it all turns dust
So please don’t believe earthly perceptions about what beautiful is
“You being You”, that’s what true beauty is.

Toby Tag

Lagos, Nigeria

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