19th December, 2015 Writers
"Show me a family of readers, and I will show you
the people who move the world".
(NapolĂ©on Bonaparte). 

The trend at which we are operating these days will not bear great leaders; readers are leaders and when talking about reading you are not constrained to academics alone. Our modus operandi now is money, fame, love and sex. The bible says "Woe to a nation whose king is a child" (paraphrase). "Choose leaders that have grown in spirit and WISDOM". What gave paul a greater landmark above every other Apostles was his acquisition of knowledge and understanding. God the master minder knows the efficacy of reading . Paul once ordered "Get me my parchment". 

No wonder nations are crawling; the manual needed for a successful job is abandoned. Why won't there be extortion? Why won't there be fast crime? why won't there be terrorism? Why won't there be rape and other vices? It's because ignorance have eaten deep into their souls. Solomon asked for one thing: Wisdom to rule, and who is that wisdom? God almighty! 

Recenntly, some big ignoramus condemned the act of a first-class King in Youruba land for kneeling in the presence of the King of kings who can demand his life at anytime. (Note- He is vast in knowledge so he knows the power of reverence). Let's brace up and maximise our potentials because the youth are the posterity of the nation. 

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Ignorance is the malady of the ignorant

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