Darth Nihilus
20th December, 2015 Artists
Darth Nihilus appears in The Sith Lords and in the Star Wars: Legacy comic series. Darth Traya found and trained Nihilus on Malachor V. With Darth Sion, Nihilus later betrayed her and drove her into exile. The Jedi Exile killed Nihilus during the Purge that followed the Jedi Civil War. Nihilus, along with the other Sith Lords, was put as the 2nd top Star Wars villain who didn't appear in an earlier list based on reader's comments by IGN's Jesse Schedeen, Schedeen commenting "[a]t the very least, Nihilus probably wins the award for coolest-looking Star Wars villain ever".[21] IGN also put the character as their 56th top Star Wars character.[12]
Ogun, Nigeria
  • done with makers & red pen

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