Self Centeredness as a killer disease in Nigeria
22nd December, 2015 Writers

      Most inventions and creations are majorly invented by one originator but through the love of sharing have being able to cut across. Talk about Blogging, Books, Electronics, and among many other ideas/innovations have been able to see the light of the day because someone decided to extend the knowledge and it goes on and on.

Marco Pierre White may not sound familiar to many but his zeal as a young man to become a footballer couldn’t be farfetched, but destiny had another plan when Marco had an injury and couldn’t continue playing football. Today, not as a footballer but as one of the best chef in the entire world, Marco happens to be the youngest chef to have received 3 Michelin stars by the time he was 33. What sets him apart is believing in sharing as how you gain and thus he trained the no 1 Gordon Ramsey amongst others.

The whole idea of using Marco as illustration is because most developed states attain “Developed” status quo because they share ideas in as much it’s for the betterment of the populace. But in the Third World like Nigeria it is another ball game. In this part of the world where a motorist refuses to allow you overtake even when nothing stops him, an average politician and top office holder would have stuck enough cash in bank and some in disguise in their various houses as Precious Stones, Cars, and Jewelries before even considering their gateman for food not to talk of the masses. An average wife will always make the husband responsible for the totality of the house expenses even when she has a steady income, The Senate could afford billions of naira for car purchase when graduates are busy doing nothing except house chores.

The whole idea of self centeredness in Africa most especially Nigeria has eaten deep, the syndrome of “me, me, and me” and “I never belle food” has led us to this state of anomie, mention any menace in Nigeria without self centeredness and I will show you a mirage or lie. Many ideas that could have made us develop in certain measure are dead because someone prefers it so than share it.

The goal wasted by a player cause of self centeredness in a champions league final won’t only stop the team from the trophy but will take years to come for another opportunity.

Until we consider and help others, until our various services is positioned in proffering solutions to human existence, until ideas are worked out, until our true existence is in direct proportion to how many people we have helped then our purpose on earth is to be questioned. Do have a sharing festive season.

@Tobi Kusimo


Lagos, Nigeria
  • The major reason to break the vice of self centeredness is equivalent to why we need to develop out state.

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