22nd December, 2015 Writers

To the life where everyone wants to belong;

Constantly seeking for approval, both right and wrong;

To the life where vanity prevails, 

And no one feels what anyone says. 

Where life has been replaced with a game;

Good and bad, one and the same;

Justifying actions with YOLO meme. 

The silhouette has become the main frame; 

Stupidity and frivolity enthroned in one name,

Both young and old in search of fame; Not scared even if the beast they untame;

Little they forget that life is smoke;

The hustling and famzing, nothing but a joke;

Wait until life gives you a hard stroke;

Then simplicity and modesty you will invoke...  

                 Ogundipe Jesunifemi Grace 

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Most times, we chase after shadows and forget the important things...

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