24th December, 2015 Writers
The heart wants what it wants 
But the heart is stupid 
The head should think for the body 
But it's too busy battling the heart 
It wonders why the heart never learns 
More mysterious is the pain of a broken heart 
And why the head can't think straight when the heart is broken 
The cracks in the heart are ‎felt in the head 
The head can't think straight 
In the blur of that moment 
The head and the heart seek asylum with each other 
Sorting out pain in unwanted channels 
The body is now a battlefield 
It would bare all the spoils of the war
Till the head helps the heart 
Till the heart heals the head
And the cracks in the heart are stitched with tears 
And the pain in my head is cleansed with tears 
I would lay down in my bed at night and heal

Lagos, Nigeria
  • I have always had faith in tears and believed that they help you see better.

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