15th May, 2015 Writers
This life is in black and white,just see it through your coloured GLASS
So many bunch of lessons, all you need is come to CLASS
Some even die from thinking just because they can't RELAX
Engaging in shaddy business cos nobody wants to carry LAST

Haters all around me almost in a CIRCLE
And the Eves among them wants to give me the APPLE
But I look up to God to show me what I Can DO
To keep my light shining and protect my Burning CANDLE

We're nothing but pencil in the hands of the CREATOR
Like items in the museum cared for by the CURATOR
Your life will sure be easy if you make him the OPERATOR
But most times we argue like the driver and CONDUCTOR

Some goes to school to learn while others just WON'T
Life's about management kudos to Harold KOONTZ
While some are succeeding some others will stay GOONS
But what's good for the gander why not try it for the GOOSE

There's no limit to success all you need is make a TRY
God made the snake to crawl yet he made the birds to FLY
This life is in phases so you better wear a SMILE
Everybody is scared of failure but there is more than that to LIFE
Lagos, Nigeria
  • A poem that solemly espouses all the phases that life has got!

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