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A "Faery" is a type of mythical being or legendary creature in European folklore, a form of spirit, often described as metaphysical, supernatural, or preternatural.

In the search for inspiration for a new project, I was going through some make up looks online and saw a picture of a girl with no eyebrows; purple eyeshadow had been used to cover it all up. Staring at the picture for a while, there was this ethereal vibe I got from it and I loved it. All of a sudden, the word that popped into my brain was "faery".

I remembered from a few fantasy novels I had read, the way the faery's were described - the costumes, hair, face etc and all what came to my mind was "colours". I did a little search to find some "faery' sort of make up, props and costumes as I was sure people would have done stuff like that for Halloween. Yep trust the internet to always come through!  I made a working moodboard and showed the MUA. She said she could do it. I was a bit skeptical at first but I decided it would not hurt to try.

So on the day of the shoot, my friend (the model) came in, I sewed in some flowers on her hair (bought them in Eko market very cheap lol) and brainstormed with the MUA on the colours for her face. Basically she did a terrific job and we had an awesome shoot.

I used two backdrops to experiment. One with flowers (actually my bed spread lol) and a plain backdrop. Also I had no modeling lamps for my strobe and the ambient light was too low for me and so I literally and to use a torchlight to focus my camera smh.

Anyway, I really loved the outcome of the pictures, and I think they came out well. Whoever sees this, I hope you like them!

Photographer: @oresof

Model: @theclacaesey

MUA: @makeupricci

Lagos, Nigeria
  • The Faery project is a collaboration between myself, Catheirne Bashua-Alimi (the model) and Oyinda Ogunbekun (The make up artist).

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