Things That Really Matter
4th January, 2016 Writers

This life can sha be very funny. This was indeed the biggest boy's garage at some point. I bet when visitors came to his house, he’ll pretend he forgot something in the car just so they can see his fleet of cars. Yes, this was once a fleet of choice cars, as in cars that you would look at and go "mehn...this guy hold bar o". The kind of cars that will make the girls ask the nigga why go inside, let’s get in on in the garage. The kind of car door that you open for a girl and she will melt and say awwww, you are so romantic (because it’s not the act that is romantic to some girls oh, its d type of car door you are opening) there is nothing romantic about opening a jalopy car door mbok, well except of course, you need to keep banging the door to open, then it is very mandatory for you to open the door for her. 

Basically just painting a picture to let you know this was once "it". Well, at least they have some form of historic value now.

I was driving one day and saw the latest model of my car and I was like nawa oh. I don dey turn old school be that. It just makes you ponder and remind yourself of what really matters. It’s not just cars, it’s the houses, the clothes, shoes, even the money! I bet you can't spend cowries now.

I once read a quote that said, money is not everything but it is better to cry in a BMW than on a bicycle. Ok, let’s play this scenario. You receive a call, getting a very bad news that eats deep into your soul and you just want to burst out in tears. Do you, at that moment, look for your car keys and run to your BMW to cry there?  Do you immediately get up to go wear your designer shoes, just because crying in Louboutins makes the pain feel lighter? I bet you wouldn’t. If you will do any of the above, contact me, I have a shrink's number.

my point is, when it gets down to what really matters, what touches the soul and makes life worth living at the end of the day, its far beyond the material things. It’s the family, friends, memories, spirituality and things that run deeper than possessions.

So let’s work hard to earn a living, earn enough to travel round the world and drive the cars of our dreams, after all God did not transport you to this world with the “suffer and die” stamp on your fore-head. But let’s remember the things that really and truly matter.

It's my prayer that as we go into 2016, we place our priorities right. It’s not too late to change your New Year resolutions to things that are easier to achieve but have far more greater dividends than the things we spend so much time chasing after.

Happy New Year!

Abuja, Nigeria
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