15th May, 2015 Writers
Wether you sing halleluyah or you shout ALLAHUAKBAR
We call on the same God and to him we have to BOW
The heavens he handles and the earth he says we PLOUGH
To fight over religion makes you nothing but a COW

Jesus and Muhammed,how wish they met each OTHER
Even without their meeting,know for sure they gave some ORDERS
Its not our place to worry niether should we try to BOTHER
Why to some he is jehovah and to some he says he is ALLAH

Why do people succeed irrespective of their RELIGION
This should send us a message that we are all on a MISSION
And to succeed on this mission,all we need is clearer VISSION
So why kill your neighbour just to give God an IMPRESSION
Lagos, Nigeria
  • A poem that shows that God is one! Its just our mode of worshipping him that differs

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