The Establishment
16th May, 2015 Writers
The Establishment

In the beginning,
Grey hairs worked, striving.
Sometimes bitterly, for success.
Minding not for themselves,
but the establishment.
For the sake of us.

They put their backs to it.
The frontiers, each man.
Parading the flag - 
of a comfortable livelihood -
For the sake of the infants.
For the sake of us.

Like rain in June,
came the upsurge.
Victory at last.
Freedom from languor.
They welcomed a new era.
For the sake of us.

Now its our turn.
What have we to show?
Drought abound.
Able men are few.
Their works are meaningless,
Past efforts lie waste.

Our new employers
chastise us with burden.
We lack more than before,
inwards and out.
We cause them before us, now,
Past efforts lie waste.

Tears talk for our mouths.
Hunger dwells with our families.
Hate plays love.
Pain outrun Joy.
How we wish not, that
Past efforts lie waste.

Back, back to laid plans,
Seek comfort in those teachings.
Not scattered away
like prodigal sons.
But like toothless mouths to aged breasts;
we should go.
Delta, Nigeria
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