13th January, 2016 Writers

I could not find the inspiration

Other than in this nation,

One has to have a die hard fan and friend

One that sticks with yu even till the days end and week end

Small but mighty she is,

And yet she is mindful even in stasis

A touch and she's up and running,

The lot she multitasks; stunning 

A friend in need, a friend indeed,

Quick to search and find my needs,

she is pleasing in all,

Got me filled with awe

Still like all good things, 

The balance could sting

She got me saying don't leave me hanging 

After the overdo, the overuse, 

Her rest is long overdue, 

With no apologies, she's off

Then I wait on light, charge her up 

We do it all again from the top

Lagos, Nigeria
  • She dared me to write on the relationship I have with my phone… This came out.

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