Wandering hearts
18th January, 2016 Writers

Our hearts wander,

Searching for anchor,

Searching for what can hold water, seeing as all thats left are only torn nets and broken baskets.

Our quest isn't ordinary, neither is it normal,

But it is bread for us - soul searches are a norm for us, 'coz most times, our hearts are prone to stray

It strays from things we should focus on.

It strays from things that matter or that we think should matter.

It strays form how things should be and what it should be like.

And so we search.

We search for missing fragments of us we may have dropped on sidewalks,

We search for tunes of our lives that may have carried in the wind.

We search in dunes, sands and hands of time.

We search in oceans, deep and wide, where we go to wash what we think unnecessary.

We search in friends, maybe their laughter brings the answer

We search in books, tales and stories, where we know we could be lost for all eternity without ever being lost

We search in the vast nothingness, hoping that amid the void, we glimpse a little of what we so desperately seek.

Still none of these give us answers.

None of this quench the constant din in our heads.

None of these can satisfy the hunger in our hearts and thirst in our souls.

None satisfies our quest.

And so we run,

Hoping that somehow, by some stroke of luck, we bump into what we seek-our deepest desires and most pressing needs.

But we know that if we must find our hearts, we must begin from the very place we know we are sure to find it.

We must begin from within.

Abuja, Nigeria
  • Wandering hearts Searching... Maybe in a whisper in the wind, A wave in the sea, The laughter of a loved one, The careless joke of a friend.... Where do we find it?

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