His peace
18th January, 2016 Writers

Mercy said No,I'm never gonna let you go

I won't let you slip away,you don't have to be afraid.

She cradled the dead phone in her hands,with tears forming in her eyes. She had never thought selfishness and hurt could flow together but like a current,they both flooded her heart. Like rivals,they fought for dominance,only pity was her heart was the battleground.

She stared out through the window, searching for solace but instead the cool wind battered down her dampened spirit more. The view from the window showed the almost empty roads which not coincidentally portrayed her soul; her bared soul.

In tears,she looked skywards to the half moon,hoping its Creator would see her soul from afar and comfort her. To no avail.

She tried asking out for help and said a short prayer "God,help my aching heart.Help my soul". She expected a comforting hand on her shoulder or better still on her ailing heart but received none.

In despair and in fear her heart would seize to beat and render her heartless, she clung to His promises and whispered them over and over with a broken spirit. No whooshing wind blew over her,nor an Ancient voice whispered in her soul.

With tears in her eyes,she didn't let go of His promises and clung to it as she tried finding her way back to bed. Her heart screamed for a release,fearing it might not survive the night. But her weary soul could not hold on to the despair of the night anymore.

As her head touched the soft pillow,she heard " Come unto Me,all ye that have labored and are heavy laden and I will give thee rest". Calmness seeped into her bones and her heart thumped wildly. She smiled into the darkness and with every trust and faith she could muster up,she whispered "Yes,Lord".

P.S: The peace may not come immediately during the storm but surely He has promised it and He never fails. Trust in God in all your ways and lean not on your own understanding.

That heartbreak; that pain; the tears; every single hurt, He cares if only you would lay it all down. You can never carry the burden alone.

Jesus est mon ami.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • ...And His mercies shall endure: ever faithful,ever sure

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