Dear Umfokazi
3rd February, 2016 Writers

Dear Umfokazi,

I felt odd not being able to talk about you with my friends, they knew all about you, how they’ll meet you and the whole nine, but i had no clue. With time, i met many other Umfokazis, apparently they weren’t you. when i found this out, i began planning how it’ll be when i finally met the Umfokazi everyone but me seemed to know.

Umfokazi, I hope you’re a loud mouth, not an empty barrel but one of us has to do most of the talking and its certainly not me. I’ve concluded i need a mouth piece and I’ve chosen you to be mine.

I hope you can climb trees, swim and ride bicycles, Umfokazi. I can’t do all these but I want to be able to clean your scraped knee and worry about you falling from the tree or cheer when you teach our first to swim.

i’m not exactly a foodie Umfokazi but I don’t mind learning every meal there is just to ensure you don’t go on and become Mama Ajana's umfokazi because of her ewa'goin.

My thirst for knowledge; Umfokazi, I won’t comment on this because after meeting other umfokazis I concluded its something they all had in common and it attracted me to them. Maybe this is why I thought they were you.

My darling Umfokazi, I’m here waiting patiently for you to return, I use the word return because here with me is your home and one cannot be away from home for too long. You’ll always return even if we haven’t met. Whoever you are with or not is merely a temporary port, and they would soon send you on your way, your time has expired there, Umfokazi come home.

In conclusion, Umfokazi, on your way back, come with gifts, gifts to show me how you’re different from the Umfokazis I’ve met and make me sure you are the one I’ve been keeping the lights on for.

Umfokazi (Zulu) - Stranger

Lagos, Nigeria
  • This is a letter to a loved one.

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