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I was a little tilted,brushed into a dampening by the alcohol that was now rumbling in my system. I made for the door,staggering to a futile balance. The club I rushed out from was sandwiched between a din and a rife odour. Fresh air gushed into my guts and i puked immediately,holding my knees,i looked up breathing...what?! The night was still young and new cars spin to the 'no parking' lot,leaving a little space for the blue lights to settle into the warm air that saturated the surroundings of the club. I felt a tap on my back,a slender figure in a mini skirt was my next attention. She was voluptuos in and out,lucious lips that brought in between them a 'hello'. 'I have been gazing at you handsome inside the club,you dont seem to notice me' she flashed an all white dentition as she spoke. I found a brown toyota SUV to rest my gangly frame on,trying to regain myself-stoic. She pressed on me seductively almost rubbing on my crouch. ''So?..i retorted blank,not immediately sure of what to say. 'Excuse me dance,let me give you a gentleman's treat" she dug me away as i battled to reply. My eyes dropped to her massive derriere and i lost it. 'Fans mi' by davido was blasting away in the club that was mostly covered by the numerous fading lights dotting on silhouettes. It was cold yet sweaty and body odour of different types mangled the razzmatazz. She was a hard dancer,riding her buttocks on my bull mastif as i longed for nothing. She caught me loosing in it a few times and just before i could put a halt to it i found myself in the club restroom. 'Dont be scared,i like you'' she said putting a finger on my lip as she lowered herself down to my famous prince...

Her name was Kerry,the last born of the federal minister of finance. She had just arrived the country after a decade outside of it. She had come unoticed nd unknown into the 'Club Spinnal' a small yet sophisticated suburb groove lounge. it was tricky,Femi an oldsport who resided in Abuja had invited me for a job spinning seminar and later that night i had decided to treat myself to a lonesome prat in a suggestive.

I had to connive with my conscience to excorcise this damning reality I was about to face head-on. It was all too sudden to be entangled in a wobly-go-a-pleasure situation.

She pleased me silly till I did a fetty wap,spraying the 'entirety' with my knobs of vision. It was a golden jerk-off and I simmered into a ridiculously humble posture. "I guess you love it" she was cleaning her mouth with a pink handkerchief,heading for the mirror in the restroom. I zipped up in a panick,fresh air was far from me.

I rested on an SUV outside,still dazed and paranoid. "So,won't you even bother to ask for my number?" She was standing in front of me,all smiles and reinvigorated. We exchanged numbers and I headed home.

I woke feeling lighted until my phone buzzed beside my headlamp. I rolled over,it was 7:18am. The phone buzzed again,when I checked a few missed calls with the same name-Kerry. How early can this get?I asked myself,I was trying to draw a full circle of last night events. I put on a white shirt and headed to the bar downstairs,it was also overlooking the guest house. After my bath,I decided that I would love to see a few places before I exited the Capital city the next day. My phone buzzed again and I was forced to pick. "Morning handsome,you don't want to pick my call,hey? She was excited on the other,less irritated by me not picking on time. I mumbled something before she soon convinced me that she had a surprise for me,prolly pick me up in an hour. This whole thing was moving to fast.

A white escalade rolled to halt in front of the Signature,a smooth guest house I put up at. She was in a burgundy top and a black leather pants with a studded high heel to match. She was looking ravishing,supported by a smile so infectious. I was on the call with my Abuja buddy who had wished me best of luck in all the info I could in my job-hunting adventures-he hoped to create a link too.

I met Kerry with a light hug,dismantling a little of the state of mind I had constructed for her. 'So,are you set,I want you to meet my uncle for stats,he is hosting a small get together at Sheraton and you could pull a few strings' she held my hand as we went upstairs. I could sense that she was not only crushing on me,but was totally obssessed with my figure. I had an athletic frame that ran over a hot bod,pierced on my chest were abs that ran into a thing river below my pelvis. I was a 1.81. I was speaking with my eyes but a little separated watching in lie gently on the bed. 'I am leaving Abuja tomorrow,don't know if all these would really count. Besides,I hardly even know you,so sorry whatever happened between is a little confusing to me because I was drunk" I was in a weird narrative. It seemed like her eyes stuck on every word I spoke but rather dismissively. I had pulled my shirt and was about to connect my bath-tub with the rest of me unchanged when she bounced in front of me. Kerry had beautiful eyes and her lips parted with some passionately painful energy. She touched my lips gently with index finger. "You are different babe,I feel like have met you forever,I couldn't sleep since yesterday" her voice was light and sexy. Her finger ran over my chest and kissed my nipple gently. I was knocked over in a split. "Now hurry up into the shower and let's get going"

I splashed the cold rush of water bubbles into my face as I hit the shower,the urge to indulge in this fleeting mechanical taste of vanity was settling in. I noticed the bathroom's door slightly opened and the next picture I saw left a little soap in my eyes and my jaw dropping stupidly. She was completely nude with a revealing figure,hard black nipples jutting from a full,firm breast-her pubic area was arousingly swollen too. I melted,my prince charming rising to an unthought salute.

She pounced on me with wet kisses,words knotted on my adam's apple. I responded in a staccato as I lowered into the ceramic bushel,my fingers devoured her erect nipples as she moaned her way through as she offered me her rear end to spoon. The once cold bath was now a steaming corner for action and live rounds of sexual mastery. We soon hit the last cloud,colliding on our wet bodies,falling out of the bath into the bed. "I must admit babe,this would be 'secretly' culled into my diary. Where did you learn all that?" She asked rubbing her nose against mine while I stroked her curvy butts with my hand. "Don't you think this is moving rather too fast and we might get exhausted?" I was sinking in a deluge,I was fighting hard.

I looked dapper in my whites sleeves rolled up to the arm and a denim. We had a roller coaster in her escalade into the fermented heart of the town.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • A young,unemployed graduate leaves home in search of a better life but got stuck in the world of corporate ladies with money,power and a penchant for pleasure.

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