African Pride Picture Series - 1
25th February, 2016 Photographers

Traditionally Modern.

Photography: @solaabiola MUA: @rhoziegold

ADEOLA @bankoleadeola :

"The African heritage is a beautiful one and I am proud to be a part of it. I hail from the south West region of Nigeria, the Giant of Africa. I speak my local dialect (Yoruba) and English fluently. 

Africa is such a beautiful continent with diverse and colourful countries. I cannot say much about others but I can tell a little about the Yoruba culture. Our rich fabrics can be used to make many fabulous things for both the old and young.

The 'író and bùbá' (blouse and wrapper) is not limited to just old people, it is a style that has stood the test of time and a Yoruba bride's attire isn't complete during her traditional wedding without her matching ìró, bùbá and gèlè (head tie). Asides clothes, shoes and bags, African textiles are now being used in diverse ways by interior decorators and trust me, they look beautiful.

In Yoruba land, the ìrùkèrè (horse whisk) symbolises authority.

The talking drums are highly revered instruments as they are used for entertainment and are also used to pass messages. Next time you hear a talking drum, listen and it will speak to you. 

I am African. I shine."

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Celebrating African Culture

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