Widows plight
10th February, 2016 Writers

Get thee behind me, how could i have been deceived

By the glitters of false image? 

Leave me i said, get away from me

You gave me wealth, fame and power

I liked it, i like every bit of it

Though the darkness that comes with it

Consumes my soul and took away my conscience

All at the expense of what? A life time happiness? 

If that is what it takes to be married to you

Then I'd rather be a widow

A widow to you who has taken my every chance at happiness

You who denied me the joys of motherhood

A chance of being a referee to my grand kids

Cruelty is your surname, your viciousness

Subdued my impeccability

Its not a pity, its an Empathy

My life taste like salt water

No matter how much i drank

I can never get satisfied

I have decided to take a sip

A sip from a bitter cup

I'd end up taking it any way

But i wish i could take it all back

All the mundane things you have given me

I wish i could trade it all for just a 

Minimal night of a peaceful sleep. 

Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
  • Its a poem about a woman who was seduced away by earthly things and never enjoyed the true happiness of living. She is filled with regrets and wish she could take it all back

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