The Untold by Tomiwa Williams
11th February, 2016 Artists


Little Babatunde had a face so innocent and attractive but if

you looked closely you could see his lips tightened, eyes

flinched as his mind recalled the extremities he had to go

through at such a young age.

Snatched from the street were he thought he was safe,

chained and put at the back of a truck with other children of

his age bracket who he layer found out shared the same

fate with him.

As this new journey in his life commenced surrounded by

strangers, he had realized calling and crying out for his

parents was futile, they were long gone too far away to hear

his weakened voice, his timid mind finding it hard to adapt

to his new niche. He woke up to hear who he had figured

out to be his captor having a conversation about how the

rest of the journey must be continued in a ship over the

ocean..... His heart beat faster.... He wondered if they

planned to drown him.

A few days or weeks had passed, he wasn't sure anymore...

It had been a while since he was sunlight bhu he got a

chance when the abducted children including him were

moved from the back of the truck into a bungalow sized

container, the type he used to see on TV in the shipping


He could hear the commotion outside, there was panic in

the container, helicopters could be heard hovering, gunshot

fire cut through the air....a man's voice giving instructions

over the megaphone commanding the captors to surrender.

The doors were forcefully opened, the children cowered at

the corner in fear of what was about to happen next, instead

the sunrays hit their eyes and out of the shadows came men

dressed in uniform wearing smiles and badges.

At the moment the extinguished flame of hope in Babatunde

's eye once again burned.


Texas, United States
  • Flash fiction inspired by the artwork of a young chap

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