For love For tradition
13th February, 2016 Writers

Its the time of day when all and sundry ready to lay tired heads on hay

When eyes are too weary to keep watch.... one lid bids the other come.

"Come lets travel land and sea  together

Lets dream of rivers and mountains, flowers and farms

Lets dream, as the able hands of rest soothe our aching backs...

Lets dance under torrents of calm as we forget our worries....albiet for a short while....

Till the cock crows and dreams  bid us farewell awaiting another encounter.

Lets dance as we did your fathers and their father before

Lets dance...."

It the time of day

We stand together under the moon... Alone

Crickets and frogs for company

Chirps  and croaks... the perfect melody for our hearts

I stare in your eyes... you stare in mine

We only see what we feel

Our desires mirroring each other's

Ours hearts in sync as one 

Our hands firm... as certain as unyielding chords.... 

Chords of love we feel

Chords of love we hope

Chords of love we think

Chords of love unbreakable

Chords.... as fragile as glass

A little mistake...

A "trivial" act...

An inevitable consequence

A certain guilt

Another shame

Stamped regret

An indelible scorch

As fragile as glass, these chords we claim

We are only too aware of its fragility

And so...

For all things pure and all things sure

We choose to wait

For a time certain

A time pure

For a time destined

A time sure

We choose to wait.

For time...

For love...

For tradition...

We choose to wait

Abuja, Nigeria
  • Tradition...we hold true to our ties Love...we hold true in our hearts

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