san valentino negro
14th February, 2016 Photographers

Model: @abiolanino

Mua: @fewakemimakeovers

Design: @rea.scloset

Assist: @opa_tee

Photography: @Photosby_Akinkorede

Creative director: Akinkorede Oyewopo

Studio: Akinkorede studios

Location: Ile Ife, osun state.

Please attempt to fix together the line of our story piece by piece. It promisies to be fun..

' san Valentino negro' creates a new twist to the general perception of the conceptual red as the symbol of love, thus unearthing a new theme of heartbreak and betrayal as the norm in society today. Black stands for sadness, gloom and anger. In other words, this is a tragedy, the tragedy of ORENTE

Note: the final entry is a cross-section of our studio production team.(spot me)

Pictures have not been retouched!

Osun, Nigeria
  • Captures the saga of a delectible damsel who finds love on valentine's eve and on the dawn of valentine's aftermath comes to despise love. We give you the 'San Valentino Negro'

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