14th February, 2016 Writers

To the living flesh, 

Whose souls had been blown up, In the hearth of the North, 

Seeking shelter in refugees camps, 

In their own state and country,

Their emaciated bones crying for help

To the children of yesterday, 

Within a blink of eye, 

Turns orphan of today, 

Whose parents were taken away by squall, 

Living in solitude, 

Fending for themselves, 

With no relatives or kins

To the brave ones in uniform, 

With less arms and ammunition,

Going into the heart of Sambisa,

To fight for their fatherland, 

Many die, loads mutilated, 

Yet still accuse of mutiny, 

Despite all still keep fighting.

Osun, Nigeria
  • Happy Valentine to those who are victims of boko Haram in the North and our soliders fighting

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