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14th February, 2016 Writers

Woman:son, everything I ever did was because of you,i can take critics from other people but not from you

Son: you destroyed me,my future and happiness because you couldn't hold it together.

Woman: how do you mean? What i did,i did it for you,i could stand your so called father abusing me, but i couldnt stand the fact that I might loose you because I didn't do anything

Son:  you could have just let him be,are you the first woman who suffered violence from the hands of her husband?  Huh? Are you?  could have endured it a little bit and we wouldn't be in this mess we are right now. 

Woman:  do you have the slightest idea of what your saying?, your father was a beast beyond control,i couldn't tame him and neither could you,he was not in his right frame of mind to know the difference between right and wrong at that moment, why?, because he was wasted,an alcoholic for that matter.God in his infinite mercy saved the both of us.....

Son:   no,God didn't save us,you decided to take the matters into your own filty hands

Woman:mind your words boy,I can tolerate you hating me,but i wont tolerate you disrespecting me.everything i did,was for you,your suppose to be thanking me for allowing you to live instead you are accusing me with the rest of the world.i was a godamn good mother,i new i would have been a proud mother if you where not taking from me

Son:  you have no idea what I have been going through, i am the kid who his mother killed his father,i am the son of a murderer.people point at me as if i am abnormal because of your abnormalities. Now i have to carry the cross of your sins.i was never suppose to be a part of this, i was suppose to be a normal kid who was born into a normal family.An abusive family would have been better than having a mother who murdered your father in cold blood.

Woman:  you think you are better than me? Huh?.And your father was not that innocent,he was a beast.anytime he drinks,he turned me into his punching bag,i never complained nor did I retaliate,i took it all in like i was expected to.he broke my bones and i forgot what it was to be at peace.i became terrified by the night and sober in the morning.i was always home alone contemplating what to do as a wife and as a mother to be, i was caught up in a dilemma.i new at that moment that I had to take a drastic decision for myself and my unborn child,and then I decided to run away that night,but that was the night it all happenned.but since you still blame me for the demise of your father,i don't have anything to say,when you realize the fact that I gave my life  up so that you could live and the hard choices I have to make so that you could have a comfortable life, then i will tell you what truly  happened. But I want to tell you that if i happened to be in the same situation,i will always choose you,no matter what!!!!!.I have no regrets for my choices

Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
  • A short story about a woman who murdered her abusive husband in other to safe herself and her unborn she faces stigmatization by the society and pure hatred from her son

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